Leaving the competition behind is what we do at Tapper Communications Group. We are award-winning marketers, designers and communicators who bring decades of experience to every project. TCG has proven expertise in gaining our clients a competitive edge by seeing through the clutter and building marketing programs that succeed.

Before we get started, though, we listen. TCG plans out a creative, strategic approach to reach well-defined goals. And, unlike many traditional agencies, we want your input. You know your business. We need your collaboration. So, the voice of your brand… is your voice.

To get the freshest approach, we don't depend on just the latest buzz or "newest" thing. Our clients want results, not hype. As a result, we utilize both traditional and new media in a targeted and cost effective fashion. And that's what puts us way ahead of the rest.

Call our award winning team today. We'll get you where you need to be: In front of everyone. Why? It's who we are.

Our People

Michael Tapper

David Goodman

Jamie Jones

Rick Dorsey

Mike Whitney

Erin Gately

TCG isn't just about inspired creative, motivating design, and superb service. We live and breathe advertising, marketing, branding, printing and design. We love this stuff. And it shows in our customer's satisfaction with everything we do.

Our expertise is grounded in traditional media – print, direct mail, advertising, slogans, logos – and we're pros when it comes to new business launches, refreshing brands and building awareness.

We're also building an awesome portfolio of cutting edge interactive web design, integrated campaigns and brilliantly executed print – that delivers your message by using the best tactics and tools out there.

We do it every day because it's what makes us tick. Unlike big agencies that are mired in doing the same old thing, TCG is a team of free-thinkers, creative artists, and big picture guys. But, most importantly, we're successful communicators.

Our Services

Brand & Identity

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Identity Packages

Graphic Design

  • Websites
  • Annual Reports
  • Business Collateral
  • Photography

Marketing & PR

  • Online Advertisement
  • Print Advertisement
  • Social Networking
  • Direct Mail

IT & Consulting

  • System Administration
  • Vulnerabilities Assessment

We take the time to learn about what makes you and your business one-of-a-kind, so we can create materials and campaigns that are just as unique.

Branding is not a logo. It is not a tag line. It is a process. And we're good at it. We specialize in helping independent brands break away from the pack and distinguish themselves in crowded markets. Be assured right out of the gate we will create programs that help you go the distance.

Even more to the point, we pride ourselves in building emotional branding – the special connection that a consumer feels about you and your company.

Because…How it is done, makes all the difference.

Here's how we go about building or refreshing a brand:

Our Process...


What makes you stand out against the competition? Be first in your class? Win over your customer? TCG takes the time to learn your business history as well as your plans. We research your competitors—those you know, and those you may not be aware you have—and dig a little deeper to discover what truly sets you apart. Plus, you'll learn more about your own company because you now have a true collaborator who wants to build your brand.


Through personalized visuals, innovative graphics and creative executions we translate your brand's intangible assets into something your audience can grasp and something that motivates them,. Because what makes good design is different than what makes good art. Art can have different interpretations. Good design leaves little room for interpretation of message. And that gets results.


We understand that marketing is shifting: consumers have a lot of choices now in how they receive information. We make suggestions on how to reach your target audience and what we feel will work. For example, we'll look at how to incorporate Internet marketing with traditional methods, or how to combine social marketing with direct mail programs. The communications that work best for you may not be the best for someone else. We're here to show you what will speak to your audience in your unique voice. That's our job.

Take a look at some of our work. We've let our clients do the talking here.

"As our organization has gained recognition for the special help we have given to clients over the past few years, it became apparent we needed to tell our story. TCG took the time to get to know us, dug deep into the issues and helped direct us on where we needed to take our brand. The website they created is informative, engaging, and is truly reflective of the message we want to portray to our constituents. The site is one of our most effective marketing tools." - Cancer Support Foundation

"Believe it or not, launching an indie film about zombie transvestites isn't as easy as it sounds… TCG came up with a creative and eye-catching website and publicity campaign that gave our film key exposure and generated buzz at festivals around the world." – Queens of the Dead